Procrastinating ADD Slacker Woman would not allow her brain to wrap around everything that needed to be done. Well, that was the excuse anyway. List making only gets you so far and then someone has to do the dirty work. Solution was to employ Super Woman to clean up the mess that shameless ADD Slacker … Continue reading


Wow! Plinky asked the question several days ago if I were and Extrovert or Introvert. That took a minute. Well, several days I suppose yo answer. I look back at all of the places I have ever lived. Every place someone else approached me or Mister Man of the House decided I had to go … Continue reading


A friend of mine posted on Facebook today about getting older. Her eye doctor said that dry eyes was nothing to worry about. Probably just hormones due to getting older.   I went to the doctor about 5 years ago for Birth Control and the doctor said “You know I won’t be able to prescribe these … Continue reading