A friend of mine posted on Facebook today about getting older. Her eye doctor said that dry eyes was nothing to worry about. Probably just hormones due to getting older.  

I went to the doctor about 5 years ago for Birth Control and the doctor said “You know I won’t be able to prescribe these to you for very long since you are a smoker.” I was okay with that, but when he went on to say “A woman of almost 30 should not be taking Birth Control while be a smoker over the age of 30.” Wish the bugger hadn’t said 30 twice in the same sentence. I really was taken back. I wasn’t even near 30! Then of course I had to stop and think about. Oh yes I was!!! Really close. 

Huh, funny. Wonder if I can blame the last several babies on him. ~wink~

I will leave you all with a few quotes on age. Then off to create! Think I am going to gather the makings of a faerie garden for the girls today. ~double wink~

About the only thing that comes to us without effort is old age.
— Gloria Pitzer

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. 
— Mark Twain

The first sign of maturity is the discovery that the volume knob also turns to the left. 
— Jerry M. Wright


Love all, 

Steph ❤



No worries….

This week has been full of minor, random illnesses and accidents and strange moods. Wasn’t the full moon last week? ~wink~
Today, I woke to the feeling of no worries and I am going to run with it.

Have a great day!



I love playing word play games with my kids. You never know what they will say. Last night as I cooked dinner Meredith and I were playing opposites.

Meredith: “I say plate. You say..”

Mom: “Cup”

Meredith: “Or fork or knife, silly”.

Mom: “Okay, okay you got me.”

Meredith: ” I say paper. You say…”

Mom: “Plastic”

Meredith: “I say gorgeous. You say….”

Mom: “Ugly”.

Meredith: “I say coffee. You say…”

Mom: “Water. Okay now I have to finish dinner.”

Meredith: “Okay, I say Wal-Mart and you say… Kroger.”



Try this

Try this my friends…

Lay spooning:

with your love….

Name off 3 to 5 things you find positively interesting about yours.

I find that mine:

Can take look at a room at measure it up and put things in place. Including a closet.

Makes sweet tea that everyone loves.

Tunes out the needless whining.

Makes boo boos better without a bandaid.

Taught me to sew a straight line.

Looks you in the eye when he really means it.

Maybe more than 5, but hey, start writing it down and you may find more interesting things as well……


Love all,



Space Ships

After 11 years we have finally purchased new laundry machines! After on or the other washer or dryer being repaired or replaced it is finally time.

I promise I never thought I was far behind on appliance technology, but boy oh boy! The things are like Space Ships! It honestly might take a Rocket Scientist to operate these bad daddy’s! No Kidding! Well, maybe a little. ~wink~

Off to another blessed, spacey and crafty day!

Signing off with my best Vulcan Salute!