Seewww… many things to do.

I have so many irons in the fire lately. I am actually quite comical to watch as I run around on my Tuesday’s and Thursday’s of just my 3 munchkins. I have decided weekends are to be spent having fun! Soooo, that leaves Tuesdays, Thursdays and nap time. Of course, I do look silly, but that is the beauty of being me. I can laugh at myself.

I have started a new venture and added new things to my “To-Do” list. On top of my “Honey-Do” and “Mommy-Do” and “Teacher-Do” lists. I am officially an Etsy Shop Owner!!!! I am selling off my vintage patterns that are way to small for me. Also, some of the girls patterns. I have held onto them for sentimental reasons. Just being honest with myself. ~wink~ Eventually, I plan on putting some of “made-by-me” items.

Isn’t it fun and scary all at the same time to take on a new project? I have been tossing this around and finally said to my procrastinating self “Do It” ding dong! So here I am. The Semi-Introvert putting myself out there in the wide open!  Leap of Faith in myself, because I know He believes in me. ~wink, wink~

Love much,



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