Procrastinating ADD Slacker Woman would not allow her brain to wrap around everything that needed to be done. Well, that was the excuse anyway. List making only gets you so far and then someone has to do the dirty work. Solution was to employ Super Woman to clean up the mess that shameless ADD Slacker Woman had made. Everyone likes Super Woman, right? 

And so….

 Super Woman was employed at my house for a few days. Cape flying and woosh sounds everywhere! WHOOSH, laundry, WHOOSH, breakfast, WHOOSH, kitchen clean up, WHOOSH, Haircut, grocery, sew the pants and reteaching herself how to read a pattern, WHOOSH WHOOSH, Lunch, Dinner, Baths, mooorrreee laundry, etc. etc. Managed to vintage Shop and add items to the Etsy Shop. So on and so forth. 

  Boy she is Good…..

    However, someone has cried, someone has fallen ill, there has been whining and bickering (there are 3 girls in my house not including me. Of course,I don’t include me. I don’t whine ~evil grins~). Super Woman is just not a miracle worker.

At the end of the day….

  Even Super Woman can’t make everyone happy. Ladies, take your capes off and throw them in that pile of laundry that you know was just clean this morning. (I would say drop it at the cleaners, but who can afford that mess?) Leave the rest to the Faeries.





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