Resume to become the Official Motivation BFF

Crafty Stephy


Bardstown, KY 40004¨



In the position of Motivation’s Best Friend, I will save the world from my procrastination. In all honesty it may only be my family and friends, but that is my world. I will be the most grateful person in the world to have the opportunity to have Motivation in my life. Credit for a job well done will always be given to Motivation. After all, what are BFF’s for?


Areas of Expertise:


√      Humbleness

√      Crafty

√      Tidiness

√      Great Attitudes

√      Fun Filled Activities

√      Friendly Environments





Mommy, Bardstown, KY  1998 – Present


  • Nuking and Zapping household chores.
  • Cooking meals that 7 people will agree to eat at the same time.
  • Picking Up faster than 5 children can throw it down and on some days more than 5 kids.


Referee  Bardstown, KY  2006 – Present


  • Break up bickering and sometimes physical conflicts between Ayden and Meredith.
  • Know when to let them play it out and stay out of the way.
  • Being in 5 to 6 places at once is probably my favorite of all job requirements.
  • Homework balancing acts. Usually means keeping one girls nose out of the other one’s homework. They are very territorial over their schoolwork.


Craft Ninja  Bardstown, KY For Life


  • Sewing from a pattern.
  • Making patterns or modifying an existing pattern.
  • Teaching myself to crochet all over again.
  • Making kids crafts from anything and everything possible.




School of Life



There isn’t one position I can do effectively without Motivation. I love all of my positions in life, but most of all my Mommy Position. Just putting that up front. In all fairness I should warn you that. Life is short Motivation and I’d love to have you in mine. Thank you for your consideration.



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