Just me

  • Like- Sugar and spice and everything nice; Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails.
  • Love-the family, sewing, fabric, yarn and crochet, hugs, yellow, garden fresh, Dr.Seuss and clothes lines.
  • Dislike-stagnancy, arrogance, negativity, pessimism and clutter.
This basically describes me. I love sewing, crocheting, crafting in general. I am Mom to 5 lovely children that control most of my life. What little time I do have I spend crafting as much as possible. 
  Over this year I plan on doing some inner self working and may have some quirky (sometimes chaotic and/or random) babblings that you may or may not choose to ignore. My household can be very very funny if you are looking in from outside.
  I have hermitted myself for well over a year. Actually, the last day that I worked outside of the home was May 27th 2009. We took a trip to visit friends in AR, but other than that Facebook and a few neighbors and one friend is about all that I have allowed myself.
  This year I am going out on a limb and opening myself up again. Bold mover for me, I like to control most of everything that is said or thought of in regards to “ME”. A good friend once said to me something along the lines of, “I (meaning herself) am the crazy/weird lady on our road”. She was actually pretty much okay with that. I on the other hand have had much reserve in saying it and meaning it and being okay with it.
  Cheers to this year, 2012, being the year that I embrace being, “The ‘CRAFTY’ Little Old Lady In the Shoe”.
Much Love,

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