Resume to become the Official Motivation BFF

Crafty Stephy


Bardstown, KY 40004¨



In the position of Motivation’s Best Friend, I will save the world from my procrastination. In all honesty it may only be my family and friends, but that is my world. I will be the most grateful person in the world to have the opportunity to have Motivation in my life. Credit for a job well done will always be given to Motivation. After all, what are BFF’s for?


Areas of Expertise:


√      Humbleness

√      Crafty

√      Tidiness

√      Great Attitudes

√      Fun Filled Activities

√      Friendly Environments





Mommy, Bardstown, KY  1998 – Present


  • Nuking and Zapping household chores.
  • Cooking meals that 7 people will agree to eat at the same time.
  • Picking Up faster than 5 children can throw it down and on some days more than 5 kids.


Referee  Bardstown, KY  2006 – Present


  • Break up bickering and sometimes physical conflicts between Ayden and Meredith.
  • Know when to let them play it out and stay out of the way.
  • Being in 5 to 6 places at once is probably my favorite of all job requirements.
  • Homework balancing acts. Usually means keeping one girls nose out of the other one’s homework. They are very territorial over their schoolwork.


Craft Ninja  Bardstown, KY For Life


  • Sewing from a pattern.
  • Making patterns or modifying an existing pattern.
  • Teaching myself to crochet all over again.
  • Making kids crafts from anything and everything possible.




School of Life



There isn’t one position I can do effectively without Motivation. I love all of my positions in life, but most of all my Mommy Position. Just putting that up front. In all fairness I should warn you that. Life is short Motivation and I’d love to have you in mine. Thank you for your consideration.




 Procrastinating ADD Slacker Woman would not allow her brain to wrap around everything that needed to be done. Well, that was the excuse anyway. List making only gets you so far and then someone has to do the dirty work. Solution was to employ Super Woman to clean up the mess that shameless ADD Slacker Woman had made. Everyone likes Super Woman, right? 

And so….

 Super Woman was employed at my house for a few days. Cape flying and woosh sounds everywhere! WHOOSH, laundry, WHOOSH, breakfast, WHOOSH, kitchen clean up, WHOOSH, Haircut, grocery, sew the pants and reteaching herself how to read a pattern, WHOOSH WHOOSH, Lunch, Dinner, Baths, mooorrreee laundry, etc. etc. Managed to vintage Shop and add items to the Etsy Shop. So on and so forth. 

  Boy she is Good…..

    However, someone has cried, someone has fallen ill, there has been whining and bickering (there are 3 girls in my house not including me. Of course,I don’t include me. I don’t whine ~evil grins~). Super Woman is just not a miracle worker.

At the end of the day….

  Even Super Woman can’t make everyone happy. Ladies, take your capes off and throw them in that pile of laundry that you know was just clean this morning. (I would say drop it at the cleaners, but who can afford that mess?) Leave the rest to the Faeries.




Seewww… many things to do.

I have so many irons in the fire lately. I am actually quite comical to watch as I run around on my Tuesday’s and Thursday’s of just my 3 munchkins. I have decided weekends are to be spent having fun! Soooo, that leaves Tuesdays, Thursdays and nap time. Of course, I do look silly, but that is the beauty of being me. I can laugh at myself.

I have started a new venture and added new things to my “To-Do” list. On top of my “Honey-Do” and “Mommy-Do” and “Teacher-Do” lists. I am officially an Etsy Shop Owner!!!! I am selling off my vintage patterns that are way to small for me. Also, some of the girls patterns. I have held onto them for sentimental reasons. Just being honest with myself. ~wink~ Eventually, I plan on putting some of “made-by-me” items.

Isn’t it fun and scary all at the same time to take on a new project? I have been tossing this around and finally said to my procrastinating self “Do It” ding dong! So here I am. The Semi-Introvert putting myself out there in the wide open!  Leap of Faith in myself, because I know He believes in me. ~wink, wink~

Love much,



Wow! Plinky asked the question several days ago if I were and Extrovert or Introvert. That took a minute. Well, several days I suppose yo answer.

I look back at all of the places I have ever lived. Every place someone else approached me or Mister Man of the House decided I had to go meet them. Almost to the point of kicking and screaming. Okay not literally, but I certainly was on the inside. 

There are few people I meet that I truly connect with. Oh and those few friends! God love you, because if I never shut up it’s only because I like you. (insert embarrassed smile here) Yes I let you guys have. Sorry about that. 

So, I guess this all means I am Semi-Introverted. Well according to the test I just took. ~Ahhaahaa~

With all of this being said. I must be the only person that just realized this morning that it is Super Bowl Sunday! Yep, the kids and I will be at McDonald’s Playplace. I promised before I knew what day it was. ~wink~

P.S. I am officially back to being a blonde. Maybe I can have more fun!




A friend of mine posted on Facebook today about getting older. Her eye doctor said that dry eyes was nothing to worry about. Probably just hormones due to getting older.  

I went to the doctor about 5 years ago for Birth Control and the doctor said “You know I won’t be able to prescribe these to you for very long since you are a smoker.” I was okay with that, but when he went on to say “A woman of almost 30 should not be taking Birth Control while be a smoker over the age of 30.” Wish the bugger hadn’t said 30 twice in the same sentence. I really was taken back. I wasn’t even near 30! Then of course I had to stop and think about. Oh yes I was!!! Really close. 

Huh, funny. Wonder if I can blame the last several babies on him. ~wink~

I will leave you all with a few quotes on age. Then off to create! Think I am going to gather the makings of a faerie garden for the girls today. ~double wink~

About the only thing that comes to us without effort is old age.
— Gloria Pitzer

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. 
— Mark Twain

The first sign of maturity is the discovery that the volume knob also turns to the left. 
— Jerry M. Wright


Love all, 

Steph ❤


No worries….

This week has been full of minor, random illnesses and accidents and strange moods. Wasn’t the full moon last week? ~wink~
Today, I woke to the feeling of no worries and I am going to run with it.

Have a great day!