I love playing word play games with my kids. You never know what they will say. Last night as I cooked dinner Meredith and I were playing opposites. Meredith: “I say plate. You say..” Mom: “Cup” Meredith: “Or fork or knife, silly”. Mom: “Okay, okay you got me.” Meredith: ” I say paper. You say…” … Continue reading

Try this

Try this my friends… Lay spooning: with your love…. Name off 3 to 5 things you find positively interesting about yours. I find that mine: Can take look at a room at measure it up and put things in place. Including a closet. Makes sweet tea that everyone loves. Tunes out the needless whining. Makes … Continue reading

Space Ships

After 11 years we have finally purchased new laundry machines! After on or the other washer or dryer being repaired or replaced it is finally time. I promise I never thought I was far behind on appliance technology, but boy oh boy! The things are like Space Ships! It honestly might take a Rocket Scientist … Continue reading